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Know some more about the cable trays

Know some more about the cable trays

The cable tray systems come as a wonderful tool to route and manage all the wiring arrangements. One large tray has the ability to manage power wiring and data communication cabling by using a metal barrier along the centreline. The task of locating disorganised conductors which are difficult to trays during their repaired is minimised by the use of properly designed cable trays.


Cable tray systems can be defined as an assembly or unit for a section of fittings that form a solid structural framework that is used to secure support the cables and raceways. Cable trays are used to distribute cables from or to a source of utilisation. On the other hand, raceways are fixed on a wall in any room where both communication and power cables are terminated.

Cable trays systems are installed around the perimeter of a workshop and are fixed underneath the floor or on a specific height where workers can pass underneath the system without any disturbance. Another advantage of this is the power and data conductors can enter and exit at any location as the cable trays occupied the perimeter of the room.

Whenever made of conductive material, the cable trays establish conductors. Where segments jolt together, paint should be scratched off and jumper wires introduced to guarantee ground congruity.

Cable tray manufacturers in Dubai design cable trays in different sizes and in different varieties which include such as ladder, ventilated channels, solid bottoms trays and in different materials.

Ladder trays are generally used for dealing with heavy cables are large bundles. A trough cable tray is a pre-assembled structure comprising of a ventilated base with side rails. A trough cable tray is a inbuilt formation with ventilation in the bottom with side rails.

Cable tray systems are ideal for handling large bundles and heavier cables making use of single unjacketed conductors. These systems serve both the computer and telecommunication equipment under the floor cable. The cable trays are used for serving feeders, conductors, branch circuits, communication circuits, signalling circuits, control circuits etc.

Things to keep in mind before hiring an interior design company

Things to keep in mind before hiring an interior design company

Are you up for a renovation or reconstruction of your house? You might be planning to hire an interior designing companies in Dubai, but what if you hire a wrong one and end with a disaster. The reconstruction of the house is the most awaited things for an individual which requires a lot of savings. No one would ever want their hard earned money to get wasted. One should be confident about the finding the best among various interior design companies. Therefore, you should keep following things in mind and ask them when you hire one.

  • How experienced is the firm?

A company can only be trusted when it is experienced enough. You should inquire about the kinds of projects they have worked on. The company should have been in the market for years and should be well experienced. Yes, you can hire a budding firm too, but it is only when you are ready to face the risks.

  • Have you gone through their work?

Ask the company to show you their work. If you can go to the locations it will be well and good. If not, then ask them for some pictures and videos of their previous projects. You can also check out their websites for a detailed insight and information about the kind of work they do.

  • Are the charges they are asking worth?

This one is the important aspect of hiring the best from many interior design companies. The company should provide the quality service depending on the money it is charging you. There are some companies that provide you superior quality services despite not being a brand. So, you must check out this point.

  • Is the customer service good enough?

The company you hire to work for you should value their customers. They should be always ready to talk to their customers about the flaws they experienced in the work. They should also try to reach up to their expectations by keeping a constant contact during the project.

The reputed interior design companies make the process relaxed and much better.


Essentials to know about trademark registration in Dubai

Essentials to know about trademark registration in Dubai

Do you own  a company in Dubai? If you do then protecting its brand is an utmost important thing to be done. You must get your trademark registered in Dubai as soon as possible, so that your company operations are legal and valid. For trademark registration in Dubai you must always find an advocate or lawyer who is aware of all the local laws and registration methods.

Trademark registration requirements & process

You must submit an application to the Trademarks Registration Office for an initial search to conduct an initial investigation to see if trademark was registered earlier or not.

You must then file an application with all the required documents including the image of the targeted trademark.

Before registering your trademark finally, the Trademarks Registrar office will publish your trademark application along with the photo of the trademark in two in 2 local newspapers.

A notice of opposition to the registered trademark can be filed by any of the interested party within 30 days of the publication date.

The decision of the registrar about the opposition can be appealed to at the ministry committee, which can be further appealed in the competent court.

If there is no opposition problem your requested trademark is thus registered and a certificate of registration is issued.

Documents Required

Soft copy of the picture of your trademark.

Copy of your passport.

Trademark registration certificates (if registered in any other countries).

Arabic translation of any words on your trademark by legal translators.

Adam Global is a business advisory firm and has the best lawyers who can help you with provides the paperwork and the research that is required for registering your trademark in Dubai.