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Gucci Sunglasses: tips to follow to identify the original pair

Gucci Sunglasses: tips to follow to identify the original pair

Gucci is a world famous brand known for its superb designer accessories. Be hand bags, perfumes, apparel or sunglasses, Gucci is always a favorite pick. When talking about sunglasses in particular, various models are popular among people. But, how will you know if you are paying for an authentic pair? Well here are a few tips to follow, if you are willing to buy original Gucci sunglasses UAE.

Packaging: Being one of the best luxurious brands in the market, none of the things along with the product is left out to define perfection, even the packaging. Each of the original Gucci sunglasses includes an authenticity card, a brown cloth , a booklet regarding adjusting your acetate frames if you have  bought one, all of which are packed in a gold Gucci box.

Brand Logo: In order to identify a genuine Gucci sunglasses pair, the first thing you need to check for is the brand logo. An authentic product will have two golden double Gs facing each other. Every pair of Gucci sunglasses will have this logo usually on the arms of the frame, the nose pads, the dust cloth and also on the case of the sunglasses.

Italian Manufacturer: Gucci sunglasses are made only in Italy and  nowhere else. The temple of all original Gucci sunglasses has written ‘MADE IN ITALY’ by the Safilo Group, along with a ‘CE’ that stands for the “Conformite Europeenne” or “European Conformity” (a declaration by the manufacturer that the product meets all the requirements listed by the European directives)

The Joints: You must always check for the joints that help opening or closing the temples. A little force is required to open or close in the beginning, in case of an authentic pair.

Genuine retailer: one thing to make sure before you set out to buy an authentic pair of Gucci sunglasses is that you must always consider purchasing from a reliable and renowned retailer who sells original Gucci. In UAE there are many optical stores that claim to sell original Gucci sunglasses. But you must always check for their reliability by looking for the customer reviews and reading their testimonials.

If you are looking to buy a genuine pair of sunglasses UAE, then Gulf Optic is the best retailer from where you can purchase one at discounted rates. Visit their e-store and pick a style of your choice.

Few important tips to take care of your child’s health

Few important tips to take care of your child’s health

Childhood is an important phase of life which should be a fun filled with learning and experience. Your children may not get these if they are always sick. Maintaining childhood habits is important for your child to grow better. Following are some health tips for children from the best pediatrician in Dubai.

Modern way of living has made children anti-social. They do not go out to play, instead spend most of the time in gadgets playing video games and watching cartoons, ignoring most outdoor activities. This has led to a decrease in physical activity. Playing is another form of exercise which is necessary for the body to increase its metabolism. Make it their habit to go outside and play with other kids. Playing games that involve physical activities guarantee your child’s healthy body. If they do not have any friends you can play with spending some quality time.

Healthy Diet
Develop a healthy eating habit in your child. Make them eat all fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food items. They will get accustomed to healthy eating as they grow old. This improves the physical and mental energy.

  • Give them six small meals a day rather than the usual three.
  • Develop a habit of eating breakfast daily, as it is the most important meal.
  • Try to add more and more fibrous food in their meal.
  • Always prepare nutritious food in their lunch box when they go to school.
  • Do not let them buy food on their own, otherwise, it may change their food preferences graduall

Proper Rest
Sleep is an important activity needed to replenish the energy you spent during the day. It also promotes a healthy body as it makes your immune system stronger. Develop a definite sleeping habit for your child. Adequate sleep of eight to ten hours is must for their health. Children who lack sleep, lack attention during classes, feel sleepy during the day. This may later result in short-term memory loss.