Month: March 2020

Why choose home salon services over traditional beauty salon during festive season?

Why choose home salon services over traditional beauty salon during festive season?

Home salon services have become a much convenient option than to running to salons, especially during festivities. And why not, as looking our best for the celebrations is one of our top priorities. But usually, we do not get any time to look into the mirror during the festive season. Finding time to book an appointment at the salon and avail the desired services from there is something next to impossible. This is exactly where at-home salon services come in as a savior. In this article, we shall discuss how the providers of home service salon Dubai are beneficial than choosing traditional beauty salons.

Easy and convenient

Traditional beauty  salons are packed with clients during the festive season, and therefore you may not get an appointment easily. And even if you do, you may have to adjust your time according to their schedule. Therefore, in order to make it easy and convenient for you, you can give a call to a reputed home salon service provider and book an appointment as per your agenda.

Time saving

You will definitely be running on a tight schedule during a festivity. Finding the right salon, and then reaching there on time of the appointment can be really hectic and time-consuming. You may even decide to skip the beauty treatment, thinking about the time consumption. To avoid such circumstances, you must opt for the home salon services and get your beauty treatments done within your comfort zone- your home.

Relaxed services

The beauticians in a traditional salon service have many appointments in a day and this is why they are seen rushing off with your treatment and move to the next. Such hurried services are pretty often seen in every beauty salon during festive seasons. This does not happen in case you book a home salon service. You will get undivided attention from the professional who visits you without any disturbances within the comfort of your home.  

Nooora Beauty Concierge is one of the best providers of home service salon Dubai. We have the best team of home massage professional in dubai to serve you within the comforts of your own. Whether you want a pedicure at home, or looking for a soothing and relaxing massage, just call us and schedule an appointment. Our expert will reach your home on time with all the necessary tools required to provide you with the best of services.

Important elements of an incredible office interior designing

Important elements of an incredible office interior designing

Interior design not only reflects the nature of your business but also improves the productivity of the business and the overall attitude of employees. Most companies are investing in smart office interiors aiming for competitiveness and dominance in the industry. Want to get your office designed but lack the ideas? According to the top interior design companies in Dubai, below are listed a few important components of good interior design for offices.

  • Noise Reduction Implements: The traffic sound outside, the conversations going on in different rooms, etc. can be distracting for workers. This affects their concentration and the quality of work is reduced. So, the implementation of soundproof glass windows and walls along with other noise reduction features should be done.
  • Quality of Light: Workplaces should have natural light and should not be blinded by darkness. The low light should not strain the eyes. Go for both natural and artificial light sources while designing your office. Natural lighting is eco-friendly and saves electricity, whereas, artificial lights are smart ways to illuminate an area effectively.
  • Windows and Curtains: Allow enough ventilation and sunlight into the office by having enough numbers of windows in appropriate sizes. To control the amount of light coming, install curtains, shutters, or blinds. Make sure that the curtains you choose complement the overall theme of the interior.
  • Walls: Wall color plays an important role in enhancing the productivity of employees. Go for neutral colors for your walls to create a calm setting.
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomic fixtures are a lot helpful in reducing physical stress and preventing body aches. Buy ergonomic chairs and tables for your office.
  • Shelving and Compartments: The workers in your office need storage places other than the stock room as they have a lot of things to keep. Provide them shelves and compartments to help them organize things and avoid clutter.

Working with the top interior design companies Dubai assures you that your workplace can achieve your business goals. Get more interiors design ideas from Creative Shelf. It is the most reliable interior designing company having a team of professionals who are expert and very well know how to enhance functionality and make your office look aesthetic.