Reasons why one should opt Bikini waxing

Reasons why one should opt Bikini waxing

Everyone hates that unwanted pubic hair and the itching that goes with it. Waxing is a crucial part of our personal maintenance and bikini waxing Dubai has become a rage nowadays. We all must have heard the buzz about it all around. Whether it is about wearing revealing lingerie or the ardent desire of a clean look, bikini waxing has made a number of women invest in it as part of the beauty regime.

If you have had enough of the constant itching and tired of frequent shaving, bikini waxing is the one you should try. There are a lot more reasons that will make you go for it. Have a look. 

Hygienic: One of the main reasons for considering waxing the pubic hair region is that it’s hygienic. Pubic hair can get moist and hot and attracts germs which can lead to bad odours and a variety of skin irritations. It also does not damage the skin as shaving or hair removal creams do.

A feeling of liberation: The freedom it offers to women with no sign of pubic hair is its main benefit. The clean, smooth and shiny look it gives makes it possible to wear skimpy bikinis and revealing lingerie with confidence without letting you embarrass.

Sexier look: Every woman wants to look sexy. It is sexually attractive as many men find the silky, bald look more sensual rather than the skin with razor bumps. Facts have revealed that it helps in achieving a more erotic and intense orgasm and pleasurable oral sex. 

Last Longer: Bikini waxing is effective as waxing tears the hair directly from the root which makes it last longer than shaving off the hairs. Shaved hairs regrow within a week while bikini waxing lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. It is thus more efficient than shaving off every other day. Also, it gives a much smooth and fresh feel comparatively.

Pain: The pain in the bikini wax is not that daunting as many women think. It can be tolerated and the results are delightful. Also, there are numbing creams available which have made pain-free wax treatments possible. However, once your skin becomes used to it after a few waxing sessions, the level of the pain drops down.

Have you been planning to have a bikini wax performed? If you have never waxed before, you should seek a professional salon as the bikini area is the most sensitive area and needs expert hands.