Know about the materials used to make cable trays

Know about the materials used to make cable trays

There are many types of wire management systems, out of which cable trays are the best when it comes to design, durability, and reliability. These cable trays are used in several applications in industries to manage and support the cables and wires. To serve the various purposes, these are made with different types of materials to provide the efficient wire management system. The cable trays manufacturers in UAE explain that these cable trays have different features and are easy to install indoor, outdoors and under the floor as well.

These are the distinct types of materials used for making cable trays as stated by the cable trays manufacturers in UAE.

  • Galvanised cable trays: Galvanised cable trays are the steel trays coated with zinc. Galvanisation means providing a protective layer to the steel or iron by coating it with zinc so that it becomes corrosion resistant. These are not too expensive and are directly prepared by the fabricating the galvanised sheets into trays.
  • Hot dipped Galvanised cable trays: This process is slightly different as it includes dipping of iron or steel material into the molten zinc at a certain temperature. Here, firstly the steel is fabricated into the sheets and then are coated with zinc by dipping them.
  • Stainless steel cable trays: This is a steel alloy contains a mixture of steel and chromium in which steel is only 10.5%. This type of material is less malleable and hard, generally used to save from the corrosion, oxidation, acid, heat, magnetism and electricity.
  • Mild steel cable trays: This type is a little hard from outside and ductile from inside. It is also an alloy made with a mixture of many elements with the steel of minimum 0.12 to 2%.

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