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Tips to Renew a Residence Visa for your child in Dubai

Tips to Renew a Residence Visa for your child in Dubai

A residence visa is necessary for everyone who lives in Dubai or any of the Emirates. It should be renewed as soon as it expires so that you do not have to pay any penalty. Although you get a grace period of 30 days once the residence visa expires, it is advised that you must get it renewed quite in advance. For renewing a residence visa, you require the same documents that you needed when applied for the residency visa for the very first time. However, a new health check is carried out for the renewal process, plus the fee will also be the same. In this article, we shall be taking a look at the process of child visa renewal Dubai.

The procedure of renewal of residence visa for your child

The residency visa for your child will generally be valid for two years. You must always start the application process for renewing the visa before the old visa expires. The process is quite similar to that when you apply for a fresh new visa. The renewal application must be duly filled and all the required documents should be submitted along with that.

The documents required for renewing the child visa

  1. Copy and original passports of the child. Make sure the passport is valid.
  2. A valid copy as well as your original passport with the visa page.
  3. Your original Labor Card or ID (if you are a staff member of government/semi-government or Free Zone)
  4. Your child’s recent photograph (passport size with white background)
  5. Your original labor contract (if you work for a private company), or your salary certificate in Arabic, if you work for government/semi-government or Free Zone company.
  6. Your child’s original medical test report from an authorized medical center. This is applicable if your child is above 15 years.
  7. A copy of health insurance card, and that of Emirates ID Card.
  8. Your tenancy contract (accommodation rental agreement), which should be attested through Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). 

 If you are applying for child visa renewal Dubai for your daughter above 18 years, then you are also required to submit a letter in Arabic confirming that she is not married with your signature. It should also be noted that if your child remains out of UAE for 6 months or more then to his/her residence visa will become invalid

Wiring Design Systems: Conduit VS Cable Trays

Wiring Design Systems: Conduit VS Cable Trays

Cable tray manufacturers in UAE opine that in order to be useful, wiring systems need to have efficient distribution systems. For ages, conduits have been the best way to manage wiring distribution in huge plants. However, the emergence of cable trays has brought out a new revolution in the industrial sector.


There are three types of steel conduit –

1. Rigid metal conduit (RMC): It is known for its thickest walls which makes it the heaviest steel conduit. RMC can be used outdoors, indoors, underground, and in concealed applications.

2. Intermediate metal conduit (IMC): It has thinner walls and weighs much less than RMC. IMC can be employed for the same applications as RMC.

3. Electrical metallic tubing (EMT): This is the lightest conduit of all. It is easy to reuse, alter, or redirect.

The primary benefit of these systems is the capability to ground and bond. Both grounding and bonding have a significant role in reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI). It has been proven that steel conduit minimizes electromagnetic fields by 95%, thus, they effectively protect computers and other sensitive electronic equipment from EMI caused by the power distribution systems. Other benefits of conduit include:

  • Competitive life-cycle costs
  • Compatible with concrete
  • Noncombustible
  • Recyclable
  • High tensile strength.

Cable Trays

There are several different types of cable trays. The most common types include –

1. Cable ladders: These are considered to be the popular type of cable trays. These trays are ideal for cables that are installed vertically.

2. Snake cable trays: These are highly flexible as they are bendable according to the location requirements.

3. Wire basket trays: These are very common for cable routing and management. These cable trays offer sturdy support for the wires.

The main benefit of using cable trays is their fire resistance. The come with a fire-resistant coating on the top and this makes them fire resistant and saves the environment from fire and short-circuits. Other benefits include –

  • Flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Noncombustible
  • High tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Adapt to the environment 
  • Easy to install and remove

Considering the many advantages, cable tray manufacturers in UAE recommend cable trays over conduit.

Give the right dry food for your Best Buddy

Give the right dry food for your Best Buddy

I bought a five months old Labrador last week; I want to give my new pet all the best pet food to maintain its good health. It’s my duty as a good pet owner to give my pet best pet food and accessories. I started by searching online for nutritious food and I found a lot of pet food options like wet food, dry food, and canned Dubai pet food.  Wet dog food is best for hydrating your dog on the other hand canned pet food is ideal if your dog is constipated. Dry dog food is a best inexpensive way of feeding the doggy with nutritious food.

I gave my pet variety of foods and after a week I found that my doggy loved the dry food over canned and wet food. The advantages of dry pet food are it tends to keep the gums and teeth of dog healthy because of the chewing process. Dry food is made of a variety of ingredients which makes it tasty and healthy for your dog. The dogs come under carnivorous category and the best food I can give my pet is meat. Meat could be lamb, chicken, fish or beef. Avoid animal fat or meat meal as they are of poor food quality. Also, give the dog food grains soy, corn, wheat and rice sometimes as plant source proteins. It is better to avoid artificial preservatives in the dried of foods be like BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin and Propyl Gallate a good source of preservative is to give vitamin E.


While buying dry pet food in Dubai, check for the trusted manufacturers. it is always not necessary that the most expensive one is the best for your beloved pet.

Will the new foreign ownership rules impact UAE free zones

Will the new foreign ownership rules impact UAE free zones

There have been new reforms in visa and foreign ownership rules in UAE and even as the news of these reforms go around, there are some speculation that it may impact company formation in UAE’s specially Ajman free zone company formation free zones! Let us analyse the situation.

The new rules for 100% foreign ownership is a bid by the government to encourage foreign investments while also reducing the economy’s reliance on the oil and gas sector. Considering the same reason, the government is also passing a host of new rules to assist growth of other industries.

The 100% foreign ownership in mainland and the 10 year visa for professionals reform has been introduced a couple of months ago but before that 100% foreign ownership were allowed only in free zones and for company formation in mainland UAE, foreign investors were allowed only 49% ownership while a local sponsor had to have 51% ownership of the company.

This decision will lead to benefits as well as shortcomings in free zones. While most investors will be shifting from free zones to, they won’t have the special advantages provided by the free zones as they are not available in mainland.

At the same time, free zones cater all the requirements of a different industrial sectors and industries. Investors may not have this advantage in the mainland. Therefore, there is no significant harm to the free zones of the nation.

Are you planning company formation in UAE? Get the best idea about the free zones and rules to be followed for the set up from Dubai Business Advisors – the best business consultants in UAE.


5 foods to improve your eyesight

5 foods to improve your eyesight

There are a number of people who wear contact lenses in Dubai. Though lenses are highly convenient to wear, taking care of them can be a problem. The best way to handle the problem is to prevent eyesight problem.

The best way to prevent them is to munch on foods that help improve eyesight. Here are 5 superfoods that help improve eyesight 

  • Carrots: Carrots have a lot of health benefits and they are loaded with vitamin A which is known for improving eyesight. Not just the eyes, they are also very good for the skin and the immune system.
  • Broccolis: Aren’t these green florets tasty to eat? Be it in salads or the pasts, they bring color, taste, and health! Loaded in vitamin c, these super foods help eyesight.
  • Turkey: Turkey is known for being very tasty but is that it? No, before putting the yummy food in mouth, it is important to know that it is also loaded with zinc which does wonders for eyesight.
  • Spinach: Loaded with proteins and vitamins, this leafy veggie deserves to be listed on top of all health blogs and it is no wonder that spinach is great for the eyes. Add it to your diet to find a difference in your health.
  • Seafood: Yes you are right! Loaded with Omega-3s, these foods are magical for they eyes and skin.


Why should you hire an overseas educational consultancy?

Why should you hire an overseas educational consultancy?

There are many reasons as for why your child would want to study overseas. Some of them include:

  •         To get a better education
  •         To improve communication skill.
  •         To become capable of getting great employment opportunities.
  •         To learn new technologies and fresh ideas and concepts.

This is where you would require education consultant in Dubai. let us take a look at some of the motives to hire one for your child.

Career Counseling: your child would require a career counseling if he has decided to study overseas. It will be helpful for him to take the to take right decision for a bright future. And only a good overseas education consultant can assist in this matter.

Direct where and when to go: your child can find it difficult to decide in which country he should go for higher studies. An overseas consultancy comes to help in this case. The professional consultant can suggest the best university for a particular course that your child wants to pursue. He/she would help your child further by telling the appropriate time for taking admissions the selected institute.

Admission guidance: A good education consultant can also  help your child in the admission criteria of the particular institute that has been finalized. He/she would provide an appropriate guidance on the fee structure of the course and also draft an idea of the total expenditure of living in another country. He/she would further guide in each and every step of the admission procedur

Dubai has the best firm where you can find a good education consultant in Dubai who can help your kids to study in a good institute overseas. He/ she would not only help in finding an appropriate school, but also help in getting admission there.


Essentials to know about trademark registration in Dubai

Essentials to know about trademark registration in Dubai

Do you own  a company in Dubai? If you do then protecting its brand is an utmost important thing to be done. You must get your trademark registered in Dubai as soon as possible, so that your company operations are legal and valid. For trademark registration in Dubai you must always find an advocate or lawyer who is aware of all the local laws and registration methods.

Trademark registration requirements & process

You must submit an application to the Trademarks Registration Office for an initial search to conduct an initial investigation to see if trademark was registered earlier or not.

You must then file an application with all the required documents including the image of the targeted trademark.

Before registering your trademark finally, the Trademarks Registrar office will publish your trademark application along with the photo of the trademark in two in 2 local newspapers.

A notice of opposition to the registered trademark can be filed by any of the interested party within 30 days of the publication date.

The decision of the registrar about the opposition can be appealed to at the ministry committee, which can be further appealed in the competent court.

If there is no opposition problem your requested trademark is thus registered and a certificate of registration is issued.

Documents Required

Soft copy of the picture of your trademark.

Copy of your passport.

Trademark registration certificates (if registered in any other countries).

Arabic translation of any words on your trademark by legal translators.

Adam Global is a business advisory firm and has the best lawyers who can help you with provides the paperwork and the research that is required for registering your trademark in Dubai.

Know about the materials used to make cable trays

Know about the materials used to make cable trays

There are many types of wire management systems, out of which cable trays are the best when it comes to design, durability, and reliability. These cable trays are used in several applications in industries to manage and support the cables and wires. To serve the various purposes, these are made with different types of materials to provide the efficient wire management system. The cable trays manufacturers in UAE explain that these cable trays have different features and are easy to install indoor, outdoors and under the floor as well.

These are the distinct types of materials used for making cable trays as stated by the cable trays manufacturers in UAE.

  • Galvanised cable trays: Galvanised cable trays are the steel trays coated with zinc. Galvanisation means providing a protective layer to the steel or iron by coating it with zinc so that it becomes corrosion resistant. These are not too expensive and are directly prepared by the fabricating the galvanised sheets into trays.
  • Hot dipped Galvanised cable trays: This process is slightly different as it includes dipping of iron or steel material into the molten zinc at a certain temperature. Here, firstly the steel is fabricated into the sheets and then are coated with zinc by dipping them.
  • Stainless steel cable trays: This is a steel alloy contains a mixture of steel and chromium in which steel is only 10.5%. This type of material is less malleable and hard, generally used to save from the corrosion, oxidation, acid, heat, magnetism and electricity.
  • Mild steel cable trays: This type is a little hard from outside and ductile from inside. It is also an alloy made with a mixture of many elements with the steel of minimum 0.12 to 2%.

Metar Industries is the best cable trays manufacturers in UAE that supplies all types of cable trays. Their products range in different specifications with high quality and at the best prices.