Day: January 11, 2020

5 website design trends crazily followed in 2019

5 website design trends crazily followed in 2019

The website designing has always brought up with new innovations because of the ever changing technology and as the tastes of people change. There are many companies ecommerce website design Dubai that follow the latest trends of designing your website. Here are 5 of them that might even see more around the web as our calendars flip to 2020.

1. Broken grid layouts

In terms of design, this grid concept includes an imaginary plane with horizontal and vertical lines that help layout elements on the page or screen. Unlike with most websites, the broken grid has items that are accommodated on the plane making it feel less rigid.

2. Organic design and elements

Experimenting with fluid shapes and designs is considered more frequently than straight lines. The shapes aren’t typical circles, rectangles, or a straight sided and can be referred to as organic shapes. The usual straight shapes that we see online are replaced with shapes that we see in nature and real life that makes the entire design approachable.

3. Retro design aesthetic

The old design elements are showing a comeback. They are being used with a slight modern approach making it feel completely new. The retro style elements include color scheme reminding of the past and the typography that takes us to the past time.

4. Elevated image treatments

Experimenting with images presented unique design opportunities to attract the visitors of the site. The designers are taking up a great deal of height and not changing the image at all has begun to pick more traction.

5. Monochromatic

A design limited to just a single color is also taking over the website designing. It can enhance the look of the entire design and make it memorable. A monochromatic color scheme in your design can solidify the branding and make the website stand out.

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