Year: 2020

Reasons why one should opt Bikini waxing

Reasons why one should opt Bikini waxing

Everyone hates that unwanted pubic hair and the itching that goes with it. Waxing is a crucial part of our personal maintenance and bikini waxing Dubai has become a rage nowadays. We all must have heard the buzz about it all around. Whether it is about wearing revealing lingerie or the ardent desire of a clean look, bikini waxing has made a number of women invest in it as part of the beauty regime.

If you have had enough of the constant itching and tired of frequent shaving, bikini waxing is the one you should try. There are a lot more reasons that will make you go for it. Have a look. 

Hygienic: One of the main reasons for considering waxing the pubic hair region is that it’s hygienic. Pubic hair can get moist and hot and attracts germs which can lead to bad odours and a variety of skin irritations. It also does not damage the skin as shaving or hair removal creams do.

A feeling of liberation: The freedom it offers to women with no sign of pubic hair is its main benefit. The clean, smooth and shiny look it gives makes it possible to wear skimpy bikinis and revealing lingerie with confidence without letting you embarrass.

Sexier look: Every woman wants to look sexy. It is sexually attractive as many men find the silky, bald look more sensual rather than the skin with razor bumps. Facts have revealed that it helps in achieving a more erotic and intense orgasm and pleasurable oral sex. 

Last Longer: Bikini waxing is effective as waxing tears the hair directly from the root which makes it last longer than shaving off the hairs. Shaved hairs regrow within a week while bikini waxing lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. It is thus more efficient than shaving off every other day. Also, it gives a much smooth and fresh feel comparatively.

Pain: The pain in the bikini wax is not that daunting as many women think. It can be tolerated and the results are delightful. Also, there are numbing creams available which have made pain-free wax treatments possible. However, once your skin becomes used to it after a few waxing sessions, the level of the pain drops down.

Have you been planning to have a bikini wax performed? If you have never waxed before, you should seek a professional salon as the bikini area is the most sensitive area and needs expert hands.

Gucci Sunglasses: tips to follow to identify the original pair

Gucci Sunglasses: tips to follow to identify the original pair

Gucci is a world famous brand known for its superb designer accessories. Be hand bags, perfumes, apparel or sunglasses, Gucci is always a favorite pick. When talking about sunglasses in particular, various models are popular among people. But, how will you know if you are paying for an authentic pair? Well here are a few tips to follow, if you are willing to buy original Gucci sunglasses UAE.

Packaging: Being one of the best luxurious brands in the market, none of the things along with the product is left out to define perfection, even the packaging. Each of the original Gucci sunglasses includes an authenticity card, a brown cloth , a booklet regarding adjusting your acetate frames if you have  bought one, all of which are packed in a gold Gucci box.

Brand Logo: In order to identify a genuine Gucci sunglasses pair, the first thing you need to check for is the brand logo. An authentic product will have two golden double Gs facing each other. Every pair of Gucci sunglasses will have this logo usually on the arms of the frame, the nose pads, the dust cloth and also on the case of the sunglasses.

Italian Manufacturer: Gucci sunglasses are made only in Italy and  nowhere else. The temple of all original Gucci sunglasses has written ‘MADE IN ITALY’ by the Safilo Group, along with a ‘CE’ that stands for the “Conformite Europeenne” or “European Conformity” (a declaration by the manufacturer that the product meets all the requirements listed by the European directives)

The Joints: You must always check for the joints that help opening or closing the temples. A little force is required to open or close in the beginning, in case of an authentic pair.

Genuine retailer: one thing to make sure before you set out to buy an authentic pair of Gucci sunglasses is that you must always consider purchasing from a reliable and renowned retailer who sells original Gucci. In UAE there are many optical stores that claim to sell original Gucci sunglasses. But you must always check for their reliability by looking for the customer reviews and reading their testimonials.

If you are looking to buy a genuine pair of sunglasses UAE, then Gulf Optic is the best retailer from where you can purchase one at discounted rates. Visit their e-store and pick a style of your choice.

Why choose home salon services over traditional beauty salon during festive season?

Why choose home salon services over traditional beauty salon during festive season?

Home salon services have become a much convenient option than to running to salons, especially during festivities. And why not, as looking our best for the celebrations is one of our top priorities. But usually, we do not get any time to look into the mirror during the festive season. Finding time to book an appointment at the salon and avail the desired services from there is something next to impossible. This is exactly where at-home salon services come in as a savior. In this article, we shall discuss how the providers of home service salon Dubai are beneficial than choosing traditional beauty salons.

Easy and convenient

Traditional beauty  salons are packed with clients during the festive season, and therefore you may not get an appointment easily. And even if you do, you may have to adjust your time according to their schedule. Therefore, in order to make it easy and convenient for you, you can give a call to a reputed home salon service provider and book an appointment as per your agenda.

Time saving

You will definitely be running on a tight schedule during a festivity. Finding the right salon, and then reaching there on time of the appointment can be really hectic and time-consuming. You may even decide to skip the beauty treatment, thinking about the time consumption. To avoid such circumstances, you must opt for the home salon services and get your beauty treatments done within your comfort zone- your home.

Relaxed services

The beauticians in a traditional salon service have many appointments in a day and this is why they are seen rushing off with your treatment and move to the next. Such hurried services are pretty often seen in every beauty salon during festive seasons. This does not happen in case you book a home salon service. You will get undivided attention from the professional who visits you without any disturbances within the comfort of your home.  

Nooora Beauty Concierge is one of the best providers of home service salon Dubai. We have the best team of home massage professional in dubai to serve you within the comforts of your own. Whether you want a pedicure at home, or looking for a soothing and relaxing massage, just call us and schedule an appointment. Our expert will reach your home on time with all the necessary tools required to provide you with the best of services.

Important elements of an incredible office interior designing

Important elements of an incredible office interior designing

Interior design not only reflects the nature of your business but also improves the productivity of the business and the overall attitude of employees. Most companies are investing in smart office interiors aiming for competitiveness and dominance in the industry. Want to get your office designed but lack the ideas? According to the top interior design companies in Dubai, below are listed a few important components of good interior design for offices.

  • Noise Reduction Implements: The traffic sound outside, the conversations going on in different rooms, etc. can be distracting for workers. This affects their concentration and the quality of work is reduced. So, the implementation of soundproof glass windows and walls along with other noise reduction features should be done.
  • Quality of Light: Workplaces should have natural light and should not be blinded by darkness. The low light should not strain the eyes. Go for both natural and artificial light sources while designing your office. Natural lighting is eco-friendly and saves electricity, whereas, artificial lights are smart ways to illuminate an area effectively.
  • Windows and Curtains: Allow enough ventilation and sunlight into the office by having enough numbers of windows in appropriate sizes. To control the amount of light coming, install curtains, shutters, or blinds. Make sure that the curtains you choose complement the overall theme of the interior.
  • Walls: Wall color plays an important role in enhancing the productivity of employees. Go for neutral colors for your walls to create a calm setting.
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomic fixtures are a lot helpful in reducing physical stress and preventing body aches. Buy ergonomic chairs and tables for your office.
  • Shelving and Compartments: The workers in your office need storage places other than the stock room as they have a lot of things to keep. Provide them shelves and compartments to help them organize things and avoid clutter.

Working with the top interior design companies Dubai assures you that your workplace can achieve your business goals. Get more interiors design ideas from Creative Shelf. It is the most reliable interior designing company having a team of professionals who are expert and very well know how to enhance functionality and make your office look aesthetic.

5 website design trends crazily followed in 2019

5 website design trends crazily followed in 2019

The website designing has always brought up with new innovations because of the ever changing technology and as the tastes of people change. There are many companies ecommerce website design Dubai that follow the latest trends of designing your website. Here are 5 of them that might even see more around the web as our calendars flip to 2020.

1. Broken grid layouts

In terms of design, this grid concept includes an imaginary plane with horizontal and vertical lines that help layout elements on the page or screen. Unlike with most websites, the broken grid has items that are accommodated on the plane making it feel less rigid.

2. Organic design and elements

Experimenting with fluid shapes and designs is considered more frequently than straight lines. The shapes aren’t typical circles, rectangles, or a straight sided and can be referred to as organic shapes. The usual straight shapes that we see online are replaced with shapes that we see in nature and real life that makes the entire design approachable.

3. Retro design aesthetic

The old design elements are showing a comeback. They are being used with a slight modern approach making it feel completely new. The retro style elements include color scheme reminding of the past and the typography that takes us to the past time.

4. Elevated image treatments

Experimenting with images presented unique design opportunities to attract the visitors of the site. The designers are taking up a great deal of height and not changing the image at all has begun to pick more traction.

5. Monochromatic

A design limited to just a single color is also taking over the website designing. It can enhance the look of the entire design and make it memorable. A monochromatic color scheme in your design can solidify the branding and make the website stand out.

Minds Metricks if one of the best firms that is often recommended if you are considering professional experts for your website design Dubai. They will ensure to cover every design element ranging  from layout to colors, typography to white space